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The FOHBC Virtual Museum has been a project in the making for over a decade. We thank all of our supporters for bringing life to this monumental project.

See below for a simple historical timeline of the origins and formation of the FOHBC Virtual Museum.

The formation of the Concept

The Virtual Museum concept was first proposed by Federation president Richard Siri in 2009 in Pomona, Ca. at the FOHBC National Antique Bottle Show, when he asked fellow board member Ferdinand Meyer V to head up the project and develop a presentation to board members which occurred at the March 2011 Baltimore, Md. semi-annual board meeting. The concept was approved for further development.


New Logo Developed

A new logo for the FOHBC Virtual Museum was developed by Ferdinand Meyer V and approved by the FOHBC Board in December 2012. “American” was dropped from the original working name.


A Gathering of Talents

Steven Libbey, from Wisconsin, joined the team in 2013. He along with Ferdinand Meyer V, presented museum design development concepts at the FOHBC 2014 Lexington National Antique Bottle Show. Steven also developed a virtual museum promotional video. Alan DeMaison joined the team as museum treasurer and photographer and imaging specialist. Ferdinand Meyer V continued heading up the visual and web component.


Fundraising Effort Begins

The FOHBC Business Manager at the time, Alan DeMaison, kicks-off Virtual Museum fundraising effort with letters and gift pledge cards sent to all FOHBC members.

February 2013


Alan DeMaison started his imaging testing on location in Houston in early 2017. He had to test how long it would take, how much it would cost and how much of an effort it would impose on the host. The good news was that a cross-section of 25 bitters was imaged in two days. In other words, the photography shoot went very well and Alan’s expenses were also very reasonable.


When we say cross-section of bottles, note that we are not saying the most expensive or one-of-a-kind bottles. The Virtual Museum, as our mission statement says, is after the most significant historical bottles and other items related to early glass. We have information to give and a story to tell, just like any museum. We want people to see what they normally cannot see and learn on the multitude of Facebook and web bottle sites and typically at bottle shows. Of course, some of the bottles will be more common or rarer than others.

A Case of Anonymity

With the confidence gained in Houston, we reached out to a prominent Midwestern collector who was uncomfortable having his bottles filmed. We knew this would happen but it seems like a minority exception. This is fine though we could say ‘from an anonymous collection’ as they do in museums sometimes. This is not about celebrating one individual or a collection. We could do that later with special exhibits if we choose.


Reaching Out To Prominent Collectors

Next, we contacted Sandor P. Fuss in Denver, Colorado and asked for permission for a visit. He said yes, asking that Ferdinand come along with Alan and Terry Crislip to oversee the process. About twelve or so extraordinary bitters and several great flasks were imaged in April 2017. After these shots, all imagery was reviewed, cleaned and prepped for 3-dimensional imaging. This took time as 36 rotational images are used in each 360 degree bottle rotation.

April 2017

Alan On The Road

Alan visited with Richard Siri in Santa Rosa, California and again imaged many outstanding bitters and spirits bottles such as whiskey and bourbon. Alan then visited Mark & Andrew Vuono in Connecticut to photograph select historical flasks and imaged Ralph Finch’s target balls at American Glass Gallery in Michigan.

September 2017

Phase 1 Fundraising Efforts Reached

Fundraising as of July 2019 represented $34,006.98.

Development of the FOHBC Virtual Museum website continues alongside the production of various print advertisements.


Soft Opening: FOHBC Virtual Museum Website Launched!

The FOHBC Virtual Museum opens doors with two Galleries.

3D imaging of upcoming Galleries and Exhibitions in the works. The next trip will take Alan to Oregon and Washington State.


Phase 2: Continued Growth

Fundraising efforts will continue as the museum continues to grow.

We need your support! Our new goal for Phase 2 is $60,000.

Support the Museum Today 2020 and Beyond


With an entry pass to the FOHBC Virtual Museum, you would be entitled to access The FOHBC Virtual Museum before it is completed. See the Bitters Gallery, the Historical Flasks Gallery, and sneak peek into the Spirits, Target Balls, and Fruit Jars Galleries. We have several other exciting plans for the future of the Virtual Museum. Stay tuned!


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