GI-22 Washington Classical Bust Portrait Flask

Provenance: Sandor P. Fuss Collection

Our museum example of a GI-33 Classical Bust is a top specimen as far as condition, color, and rarity. The embossing is strong making this one beauty to behold. The flask features George Washington facing to the right. He has a braid of hair worn hanging at the back of the head. He is wearing a classical toga.

“BALTIMORE X GLASS. WORKS .” is inscribed surrounding the bust in a shortened horseshoe shape with the B in “BALTIMORE” starting just above the queue. A horseshoe ribbing encircles both the bust and inscription.

The reverse has a classical bust of Henry Clay facing right. There is no inscription. A horseshoe ribbing surrounds the bust. There is some doubt as to the identity of the bust on the reverse. It may be Zachary Taylor or Henry Clay.

The quart flask has a plain lip and pontil mark.

Known colors are aqua which is rare, medium green, very rare and olive-yellow which is extremely rare.

The flask was produced at the Baltimore Glass Works in Baltimore Maryland from 1840 to 1860.

Secondary images:

Auction Lot #136: The paler yellow Washington – Classical Bust And “Baltimore X Glass. Works.” Portrait Flask, described as in “Screaming yellow”, sheared mouth – pontil scar, quart. GI-22 Strong embossing. Big, beautiful, colorful portrait flask in an unbelievable and rare color. Classical bust probably of Henry Clay. Dr. Gary and Arlette Johnson collection. Norman C. Heckler & Company Auction #102

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