Dr. Atherton’s Dew Drop Bitters

Provenance: Ferdinand Meyer V Collection

Not much is known about this bitters though we can find advertising in Massachusetts in 1867 for Dr. Atherton’s Medicated Dew Drop Bitters.

Abel T. Atherton (born about 1840 in Massachusetts) was a Chemist in Lowell, Massachusetts where he put out his brand under T. Atherton & Son. He was a young 27 years old at that time. Previously he was an accountant. His parents were from England. His address was 27 Clay Street according to an 1865 city directory. He said his bitters were the greatest remedy in the known world for Loss of Appetite, Headache, Indigestion and other Complaints requiring Tonic, Diuretic or Alterative.

He sold his bitters in large $1 bottles. He also put out a Cherry Cordial which he advertised separately for the same price. An Eye Balm was also marketed for 25 cents a bottle. We also see no record of him really being a doctor.

The bitters were apparently manufactured by E. Mishler, 405 Penn Street in Reading, Pennsylvania according to a Dew Drop Bitters sign dated 1868. George C. Goodwin & Co. and M.S. Burr & Co. were his agents in Boston, Massachusetts.

Later in life, Atherton was listed as a machinist. His later years were spent in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He died in 1915.

The Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham listing in Bitters Bottles Supplement is as follows:

A 106 DR ATHERTON’S // DEW DROP // BITTERS // sp // near base // 1866 // LOWELL // MASS // sp //
10 x 3 (6 3/4) 1/2
Square, Yellow olive and Green, LTC, 4 sp, Applied mouth, Extremely rare,
Note: Manufactured by E. Mishler, 405 Penn St., Reading, Pa. on “Dew Drop Bitters” sign dated 1868.

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