GI-28 Washington Portrait – Albany NY – Sailing Frigate Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

The Washington – Sailing Ship historical flask features a small three-quarter Washington portrait facing to the left. Washington is in uniform with three buttons on the jacket breast. “ALBANY GLASS WORKS” is embossed in a horseshoe configuration surrounding the bust of Washington. Two lines reading, “ALBANY / N Y” are below the bust. The reverse is a full-rigged sailing ship on the water sailing to the right.

This flask is known to have three different lips; plain lip, double rounded collar, and a broad sloping collar.

Although the flask was produced in many colors, most are difficult to find. Known colors are amber which is scarce; aqua and light green which is comparatively scarce; emerald green, dark green, green (yellow tone), blue-green, yellow, clear amber, dark amber, red amber and, cornflower is considered rare; olive amber and light sapphire, very rare and clear olive green and medium cobalt blue are extremely rare.

This pint flask was pontiled and produced by the Albany Glass Works in Albany, New York.

Support Images:

Auction Lot 39: Washington Bust And “Albany Glass Works / Albany / NY” – Sailing Frigate Portrait Flask, Albany Glass Works, Albany, New York, 1848-1850. Brilliant sapphire blue, applied sloping collared mouth – pontil scar, pint. GI-28 Exceptional in all aspects. Beautiful and rare. Fine condition. Ex Pardoe collection, ex Thomas McCandless collection. Norman C. Heckler & Company Auction

Auction Lot 65: Washington Bust And “Albany Glass Works / Albany / NY” – Sailing Frigate Portrait Flask, Albany Glass Works, Albany, New York, 1847-1850. Dark root beer amber, applied double collared mouth – pontil scar, pint; (manufacturer’s roughness along the base edge on the frigate side). GI-28 Strong embossing, fine condition, damage noted is a manufacturer’s flaw. Ex Crawford Wetlauffer collection, ex Edmund and Jayne Blaske collection #56, Gerry Strubel collection.Norman C. Heckler & Company Auction

Engraving of an 1840 Sailing Ship on wood.

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