GV-10 “Lowell / Railroad” and Horse and Cart – Eagle Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

This outstanding museum example of a half-pint “Railroad” flask is considerably different than the previous GV-2 and GV-5 examples on our shelves. It is also an extremely rare color.

On what is called the GV-10 “Lowell / Railroad” and Horse and Cart – Eagle historical flask you will see on what is considered the primary flask face, an embossed horse pulling a long cart on rails toward the neck of the flask. The cart is filled with five barrels and boxes. Embossed copy reading “RAILROAD” is placed in an arc above the cart and horse. “LOWELL” is embossed in an arc below the rail. A horseshoe rib surrounds both inscriptions, the horse and cart, and rails.

The reverse of the flask pictures a large embossed American eagle with its head turned toward the lip. A breast shield contains seven vertical and two horizontal bars. The eagle has three arrows or thunderbolts in the right talon and an olive branch in the left talon. A total of thirteen five-pointed stars surround the eagle with five stars above the eagle’s head. Three stars are closer to the lip and five stars are closer to the base.

The half-pint flask has a plain lip and pontil mark.

Known colors are olive amber and dark olive green which are considered very common. Light amber and medium amber are considered common. Emerald green is considered rare. Our dark-olive example is extremely rare.

The flask was produced at the Coventry Glass Works in Coventry, Connecticut from 1830 to 1848.

Secondary Flask Images:

Lot: 24 “Lowell / Railroad” And Horse And Cart – Eagle Historical Flask, Coventry Glass Works, Coventry, Connecticut, 1830-1848. Bright golden amber, sheared mouth – pontil scar, half pint; (light exterior high point wear). GV-10 A brighter color than normal with a crude “orange peel” exterior surface. Fine condition. Robert and Janice Weekes collection.Norman C. Heckler & Company Auction #164

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