Embossed Circles Target Ball

Provenance: Ex: Ralph Finch Collection, American Glass Gallery

With the many geometric and diamond quilt pattern target balls you will see in our museum, we will now look at this rather interesting piece categorized and named the Embossed Circles Target Ball. It defies convention and uses three sizes of embossed circles on the surface of the ball. There is no embossed copy. The target ball is extremely rare and believed to be one of only three or four known examples. It is attributed to America from 1875 to 1900. This target ball is often referred to as the “Nickel, Dime, Quarter” ball.

Our specimen is a 2-5/8″ diameter, gorgeous honey-yellow glass color and is embossed profusely with various sized circles. It is a 2-piece mold with a rough sheared mouth and is in near mint condition with a 1/8” sliver-type flake on the side of the neck that almost certainly occurred at the time of manufacture.

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Support: The Ralph Finch Collection of Target Balls, Traps and Shooting Ephemera, An Absentee Auction in Six Parts – 2017-2019, John Pastor and American Glass Gallery

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