GX-24 “Jared Spencer” Medallions and Diamond Diapering Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

When a light yellow-olive, GX-24 Jared Spencer flask was last auctioned in the Norman C. Heckler – Warren C. Lane, Jr., Esquire Collection of Historical Connecticut flasks in 2012, it included the “Three Kings”, the Jared Spencer Historical Flasks GX-24, GX-25 and GX-26.

Our museum has an excellent, light olive amber example we have imaged. We will show you both specimens. It doesn’t get much better than this. The “Three Kings” are pictured together above with Norman Heckler.

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Our museum example of a Jared Spencer flask is extremely rare as noted previously. On what is considered the primary face, a large medallion is featured with the inscription “JARED SPENCER” in a circle enclosing two convex rings and a concave middle. Below the medallion is a pendant sunburst. Flanking the sunburst are ribs converging below the sunburst. A heavy diamond design covers the lower part of the flask.

The reverse of the flask is the same as the other side except for the inscription of “MANCHESTER CON.” in the medallion.

The pint flask has a plain lip and pontil mark.

Colors are gold amber, clear amber, light olive amber, and olive amber; all considered extremely rare.

This Jared Spenser flask was produced at the Pitkin Glassworks or John Mather’s East Hartford glassworks that became Manchester in 1823, both in Connecticut.

Support Images:

Auction Lot 34: “Jared / Spencer” In A Medallion Above Diamond Diapering – “Manchester / Con.” In A Medallion Above Diamond Diapering Decorative Flask, Pitkin Glass Works, Manchester, Connecticut, 1815-1830. Light yellow olive, sheared mouth – pontil scar, pint. GX-24 One of the most sought after items in the flask group having been collected by the earliest collectors for a century or more and prized ever since. Good embossing, beautiful color, extremely rare. Ex Dr. Charles Osgood collection, Warren “Bud” Lane collection. Norman C. Heckler & Company Auction #100

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