GII-69 Eagle – Cornucopia Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

The Eagle – Cornucopia historical flask features an embossed American eagle on the primary flask face with its head looking left and turned slightly upward. The right-wing is foreshortened to give the appearance of a more three-dimensional figure. Three arrows or thunderbolts are in the right talon and an olive branch is in the left talon. There are diagonal short ribs at the bottom of this side.

The reverse side of the flask has an inverted cornucopia with produce that is not recognizable. The cornucopia is coiled to the left with twelve ribs.

Both sides have edges with horizontal beading.

The half-pint flask has a plain lip and a pontil mark.

You can find this flask in aqua, light green, light-medium emerald green, clear green, pale blue-green, clear, and amethystine which is rare and yellow-green, pale lavender, and moonstone which is considered extremely rare.

The glass works is unknown though it could possibly be from the Pittsburgh District from 1820 to 1840.

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