GXI-47 “For Pike’s Peak” and Prospector – Hunter Shooting Deer Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

This historical flask coincides with the 1859 gold rush to Colorado. It was probably blown at the Ravenna Glass Works in Ohio and dates to around 1859 to 1864. Prospectors heading west, in search of gold, needed containers to hold their whiskey and the Ravenna Glass Works was only too happy to provide them with such. The fact that this flask depicts a prospector really inspired the westward-bound prospector the inspiration for their hopeful discovery of a rich gold claim.

This flask in aquamarine is considered comparatively scarce but any colored example should be considered a real prize. This particular mold is also charted in clear green, medium to deep green and clear amber. Basically, any color other than aquamarine should be deemed extremely rare.

This deep olive yellow-green example comes with a provenance of being dug from a privy outside of St. Louis, Missouri and being auctioned on e-Bay. Quite an accomplishment considering the color and being found in perfect condition with no staining. All the flask needed was basically a good soap and water bath.

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