Historical Flasks Gallery

Flasks were produced in general as a product container. It was the practice that retailers purchased the glass containers, sold them empty to customers, and then sold them the contents. Those bottles were then used repeatedly since the cost of the bottle was more than anything that they put into them. Many flasks can be traced to a glasshouse but not to any particular retailer. Flasks are more likely linked to historical figures or events and use the McKearin Historical Flask Classification Groups: Group I – Portrait Flasks, Group II – American Eagle Flasks, Group III – Cornucopia Flasks, Group IV – Masonic Flasks, Group V – Railroad Flasks, Group VI – Baltimore Monument Flasks, Group VII – Cabin bottles, Group VIII – Sunburst Flasks, Group IX – Scroll or Violin Flasks, Group X – Miscellaneous Flasks, Group XI – Pike’s Peak Flasks, Group XII – Shield and Clasped Hands, Group XIII – Pictorial Flasks from the 1850 to 1880 Period, Group XIV – Traveler’s Companion Flasks, Group XV – “Lettered” Flasks.

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