GI-94 Franklin / Dyott Portrait Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

The Franklin – Dyott historical flask features a large, three quarter Benjamin Franklin portrait looking to the left. The inscription “BENJAMIN FRANKLIN” is in a horseshoe surrounding the head. The bust and inscription is enclosed in an oval frame.

The reverse is a three-quarter T.W. Dyott, portrait facing right. The inscription, “T.W. DYOTT, M.D.” is in a horseshoe shape surrounding the head. Dyott and the inscription are enclosed in an oval frame.

The edge toward Franklin has the inscription, “WHERE LIBERTY DWELLS THERE IS MY COUNTRY.” The edge toward Dyott has “KENSINGTON GLASS WORKS PHILADELPHIA.”

The flask has a plain lip and pontil mark. You can find this historical flask in aqua which is a comparatively scarce and clear green, light yellow-green, amber, red amber and dark brownish amber which is rare.

The flask was produced by the Kensington Glass Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1830 to 1850.

Support Images:

Auction Lot 62 “Benjamin Franklin” And Bust – “T.W. Dyott, M.D.” And Bust Portrait Flask, Kensington Glass Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1830-1850. Aquamarine, sheared mouth – pontil scar, pint; (professionally cleaned with light remaining wear, pontil chip comes to base edge). GI-94 Strong mold impression. Fine condition. Norman C. Heckler & Company Auction

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