Mason’s Patent 1858 (Straight-Sided)

Provenance: Darrell Plank Collection

We are looking at a compact, almost rectangular “regular mouth” embossed ‘MASON’S PATENT NOV. 30TH 1858’ jar in a gorgeous emerald green glass color. There is a zinc cap on a screw thread mouth. It is said that only a handful of these examples, in this color exist in collections. Notice that the jar has straight sides and squarish shoulders.

This Mason pint, circa 1880-1900, is an unmarked jar and the maker is unknown. The lettering style and spacing are similar to other standard Masons patent jars known to have been made by Moore Brothers of Clayton, Gloucester County, New Jersey. They are the same company that is thought to have made the deep Cobalt Blue Mason’s 1858 quarts around the turn of the century.

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Primary Image: Mason’s Patent straight-sided jar imaged on location by the FOHBC Virtual Museum midwest studio led by Alan DeMaison.

Support: The Moore Family Glass Houses of New Jersey by Bill Lockhart, Beau Schriever, Bill Lindsey, and Carol Serr

Support: Reference to Fruit Jar Annual 2020 – The Guide to Collecting Fruit Jars by Jerome J. McCann

Support: Reference to Red Book #11, the Collector’s Guide to Old Fruit Jars by Douglas M. Leybourne, Jr.

Support Image: Rare, Deep honey-amber pint with a zinc cap. Sparkling glass. No damage, excellent ground mouth with very little flaking. Strong embossing. Base embossed 3, Age: late 1800s – Greg Spurgeon and North American Glass

Support Image: A bright yellowish apple green pint embossed: MASON’S PATENT NOV 30TH 1858. Sparkling glass with no damage or stains. Smooth lip finish. Base: unmarked. – Greg Spurgeon and North American Glass. Jar description information by Greg Spurgeon.

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