GI-43 Washington / Taylor Portrait Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

Here is an outstanding example of a Washington Taylor portrait flask with General George Washington facing left in a classical profile. Washington has a braid of hair worn hanging at the back of the head. He is wearing a toga. The embossed copy reading “THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY” surrounds Washington in a horseshoe configuration. Both the bust and inscription are framed in an oval.

The reverse of the flask has General Zachary Taylor in uniform with an ornamental shoulder piece on the coat or jacket of his military uniform. The Taylor profile is facing left surrounded in a horseshoe configuration with the embossed copy reading, “I HAVE ENDEAVOUR,D TO DO MY DUTY.” Both the bust of Taylor and the copy are framed in an oval.

What sets this quart bottle apart from other Washington Taylor flasks is the beautiful blue-gray glass color and the dark blue striations.

The glassworks was probably Dyottville Glass Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

You can find this flask in many colors including aqua which is comparatively scarce; emerald green, dark green, citron, golden yellow, golden amber, amber, green amber, olive-yellow and yellow-olive and green which are rare. Blue with a gray tone, medium blue, and sapphire blue are very rare and cobalt blue is extremely rare.

George McKearin notes that all Dyottville Glass Works flasks can come with a variety of lips and bases.

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Support Images: Lot: 14 Washington – Taylor Portrait Flask, Dyottville Glass Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1840-1860. Medium to deep yellowish olive, sheared mouth – tubular pontil scar, quart; (exterior high point wear particularly on the bust of Taylor). GI-43 Beautiful color, strong embossing, fine general condition. Warren “Bud” Lane collection. Norman C. Heckler & Company

Support Images: Lot 136 Washington – Taylor Portrait Flask, Dyottville Glass Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1840-1860. Brilliant light yellow, sheared mouth – pontil scar, pint; (professionally cleaned to original luster). GI-44 Extremely rare color, with this example being particularly light to the point of having it appear almost clear in some portions of the center portion of the bottle, particularly strong embossing. Recently dug in Savannah, Georgia. One of the digging team writes “Our flask was recovered from a privy in the Historic District in downtown Savannah. The privy dated to about 1820 and was in use until around 1900. The bottle was recovered from a “cleanout” pit about 8 feet deep adjacent to the privy. The privy was cleaned out and rebuilt after 1865”. Norman C. Heckler & Company

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