GI – 68 General Jackson Floral Motif Portrait Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

The “General Jackson.” and Bust – Floral Motif Portrait flask features General Andrew Jackson in a three-quarter view facing slightly left in military uniform. “GENERAL JACKSON” is embossed in a horseshoe shape surrounding Jackson. The reverse of the flask depicts a large medallion showing a seven-petal flower surrounded by branches of acorns, leaves, and flowers covering the entire back. An eight-petal flower is above the medallion.

Below the medallion is an arched beaded design with half a flower protruding downward that has seven petals visible.

The pint flask has a plain lip, pontil mark, and horizontal beading.

Known colors are aqua, bright light green and light blue-green which are very rare and yellow-olive and dark olive-yellow which is extremely rare.

Monongahela and the early Pittsburgh District, Pittsburgh, Pensylvania is given credit for producing this flask.

Support Images:

Auction Lot 48: “General Jackson.” And Bust – Floral Motif Portrait Flask, early Pittsburgh district, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1820-1840. Bright, clear, strong greenish aquamarine, sheared mouth – pontil scar, pint; (pinpoint flake on top of mouth). GI-68 Fine example, good color, strong embossing, very rare. Warren “Bud” Lane collection. Norman C. Heckler & Company Auction #100

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