“Zachary Taylor” – Cornstalk Portrait Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

This Zachary Taylor – Corn For The World pint flask has a profile of General Taylor facing right. The uniform has five buttons on the jacket breast with a distinct rectangular collar and an ornamental shoulder piece on the coat or jacket of his military uniform. “ZACHARY TAYLOR” is embossed in a semicircle above the portrait and “ROUGH & READY” is embossed in a semicircle below Taylor. Zachary Taylor had earned the nickname “Old Rough & Ready” due to his success in the Second Seminole War.

The reverse of the flask pictures a corn stalk with the phrase “CORN FOR THE WORLD” embossed in a horseshoe shape above the corn stalk.

The pint flask has a plain lip and a pontil mark.

Although the GI-74 is listed in many colors, all are either very rare or extremely rare. Colors listed are aqua, pale green, light green, yellow-green, puce, and cornflower which are considered very rare. Clear, golden amber, dark olive green, amethyst, burgundy, and topaz are extremely rare.

The flask was produced at the Baltimore Glass Works in Baltimore, Md. from around 1830 to 1850.

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