GII-114 Double Eagle Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

The Louisville double eagle historical flask displays a crude embossed eagle with its head facing to the left on what is considered the primary face of the flask. The eagle has a small head with a long neck. A ribbon extends from the beak over the head. There are seventeen ribs in the left wing and fifteen ribs in the right wing. The shield has five vertical bars. There are three, not well-defined arrows or thunderbolts in each talon. Below the eagle is an embossed oval frame with “LOUISVILLE” embossed following the inside top curve of the oval and KY embossed inside the oval at the center bottom.

The reverse of the flask is like the obverse with the right wing having twenty ribs. McKearin’s doesn’t indicate a change in the left wing of the reverse (seventeen ribs), but Mark Vuono reports only fifteen ribs on the left wing on his example as you look at the flask. The embossed copy “GLASS” is at the top and the embossed copy WORKS is at the bottom, both inside the oval frame.

The quart flask has either a tooled lip, rounded rolled-over collar lip or a tooled narrow ring below a thickened plain lip. The flask has a type 11 base.

Known colors are aqua and light yellow-green which are considered scarce. Green and Blue-green are considered rare while Olive yellow is considered extremely rare.

The flask was produced at the Louisville Glass Works in Louisville, Kentucky from 1860 to 1873.

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