Dr. Wonser’s Bitters Square

Provenance: Richard T. Siri Collection

After looking at the masterful design of the predecessor Dr. Wonser’s U.S.A. Indian Root Bitters, and we have three examples in our museum, we now look at a square form bottle called Dr. Wonser’s Bitters. It is also embossed “USA.”

This brand was put out by McMillan & Kester who were successors to the Turner Brothers. You can see an 1871 San Francisco City Directory advertisement below. The Turner Brothers advertised in the October 1858 Nevada Journal newspaper that they were the manufacturers of Turner’s Ginger Wine, Forest Wine Bitters, syrups, cordials, and an unrivaled Vegetable Bitters. Sometime in 1865, the Turner Brothers sold the business to the firm of McMillan and Kester. Thereafter McMillan & Kester started advertising that they were the proprietors of the Turner brands. 

The Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham listing in Bitters Bottles is as follows:

W 145 DR. WONSER’S / BITTERS // USA // f // f //
McMillan & Kester (successors to Turner Bros.). Sole Proprietors
714 Front Street near Broadway, San Francisco
9 x 2 7/8 (6 ¾) ¼
Square, Aqua, LTCR and LTC, Applied mouth, Very rare

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Support Image: Lot #466 Dr. Wonser’s Bitters, Applied top. Nice bubbles and some good light crudity. Corners having a brown tint to them. Light cleaning would render this bottle spotless. Grade 9. Sold at the Denver Federation show in August 2000. American Bottle Auctions – Grapentine II Auction 42 – Lot #466, Ferdinand Meyer V Collection

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