Hartell’s Glass Patd 1858 Air-Tight Preserve Jar

Provenance: Jerry McCann collection

The Hartell’s Glass Air-Tight Cover preserve jars were patented on October 19, 1858, for a tool to make lugged screw caps. The patent date was embossed on the jar top while the name was typically embossed on the outer skirt of the lid. The jar is found in aqua, black (deep amethyst), cobalt blue and green. The jar is hand-blown with a ground lip. The closure is a top seal (on ground lip) with three lugged screw caps engaging three inclined ramps on the jar’s neck. The patentee was Thomas R. Hartell of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hartell & Letchworth were proprietors of the Union Glass Works.

Our Hartell Self-Sealing museum example is interesting as it represents a label-under-glass apothecary jar which is rarely found. The condition is excellent in dark amethyst glass.

From The Home Manual: Or, The Economical Cook and House-book: Hints on the Daily Duties of a Housekeeper by Elizabeth Nicholson, 1865:

Support: Hartell’s Patd 1858 Pint in Steel Blue. The closure is aqua with a correct style glass cap (has a manufacturer’s under-fill at the bottom edge). Overall ground wear, normal roughness of the ground mouth, a small burst bubble on the shoulder. 1860s. Extremely rare in this color. Greg Spurgeon and North American Glass.

Support: Hartell’s Patd 1858 Air Tight Fruit Jar Quart in a greenish coloration. Original closure. Sparkling glass. Flaking of the ground mouth. Embossing on lid only. Base is unmarked. 1860s. Greg Spurgeon and North American Glass.

Support: Reference to Red Book #11, the Collector’s Guide to Old Fruit Jars by Douglas M. Leybourne, Jr.

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