Barton & Son’s Unembossed ‘Sanded’ Target Ball

Provenance: Ex: Ralph Finch Collection, American Glass Gallery

This interesting specimen is the second of three examples in our museum of the previously unknown Barton & Son’s unembossed ‘Sanded’ target ball from England. Quite a few balls were found in a wooden box in an old storage building under renovation in England in 2005. No other examples have shown up to date.

This 2-5/8″ diameter ball is in an interesting mottled light blue and turquoise coloration with specks of green scattered throughout. It has a rough sanded finish and is a 2-piece mold with a wide neck with a sheared and factory ground mouth. It is in perfect condition.

See the second museum example – Barton & Son’s Unembossed Cobalt Blue Target Ball. Our third light blue museum example is pictured below. You can see it rotating here.

Mike O’Malley reported on this find and the four variants in an article in the September October 2008 issue of the FOHBC Bottles and Extras magazine. [click to read]

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Support: The Ralph Finch Collection of Target Balls, Traps and Ephemera Auction – John Pastor and American Glass Gallery

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