GX-26 Beads and Pearls and Diamond Diapering Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

The FOHBC Virtual Museum is proud to have a set of the “Three Kings” or “Jared Spencer Group” that have been imaged for our guests. These examples have been graciously loaned from an anonymous collector. Each is pictured above. This includes GX-24, GX-25, and GX-26. Please take your time and enjoy each example. Study the design. Look at the differences and similarities. See who owned these fine specimens through the years and finally, look at the second set that Norman C. Heckler auctioned in 2012 from the Warren “Bud” Lane collection.

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On the face of the flask, you will see a medallion with eight pearls in a circle around a convex disk. Starting between each pearl and extending outward are eight, pointed petals. Below the medallion is a convex circular pendant with a looped ornament on either side. A ribbing encloses the pendant and ornaments converging to the outer edge of the medallion on each side. The bottom is a diamond field. The edges are horizontally corrugated with the top two extending around the flask just below the neck. The bottom rib extends horizontally around the flask.

The reverse of the flask is the same as the obverse.

The pint flask has a plain lip and pontil mark.

Known colors are olive amber and light amber which are both considered extremely rare.

The flask was produced at the Pitkin Glass Works in Manchester, Connecticut from 1815 to 1830.

Support Images:

Auction Lot 33: Beads And Pearls With Diapering Pattern Decorative Flask, Pitkin Glass Works, Manchester, Connecticut, 1815-1830. Brilliant light yellow with an olive tone, sheared mouth – pontil scar, pint. GX-26 Extremely rare. This may very well be the finest example. Good embossing, beautiful light color. Ex Edmund and Jayne Blaske collection #895, Warren “Bud” Lane collection. Norman C. Heckler & Company Auction #100

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