GIX-6 “Louisville Ky” – Glass Works” Scroll flask

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From 1850 to 1901, at least seven different glass manufacturing factories operated in Louisville, Kentucky. Six were utilitarian bottle houses, and the other manufactured window and plate glass. In 1850, the first glass bottle and jar-making firm, known as the Kentucky Glass Works was formed, which, by 1855, was being referred to under the name Louisville Glass Works. “Louisville KY Glass Works” is the actual wording on some of the glassworks embossed whiskey and scroll flasks of the 1850s and 1860s era. Read: Louisville Glass Works

Our signature example of a Louisville quart scroll flask is a beauty to behold. This GIX-6, olive yellowish-amber quart exemplifies Midwestern flasks and the Louisville Glass Works. During its production peak around 1855, many scroll flasks were blown. Those embossed with the glass works name itself are the most appealing and most desired by collectors. All of the aquamarine examples can be considered comparatively scarce to locate but those in colors are even more special. Our museum example is displayed for its shear beauty, form, and rarity. Certainly a prized Midwestern flask.

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On what we consider the primary face of flask, we see a large 6-point star in the upper space and a slightly smaller 6-point star in the mid-space. “LOUISVILLE KY” is embossed horizontally (in a straight line) in the lower space.

The reverse of the scroll flask appears the same as the obverse except for the embossing “GLASS WORKS” horizontally (in a straight line) in the lower space.

This quart scroll flask has a plain lip and a base is described as a plump oval with either a pontil mark or an oxide deposit.

Known colors are aqua and light yellow-green which is considered scarce and green which is considered rare. Our olive-yellow example is extremely rare.

This scroll flask was made at the Louisville Glass Works in Louisville, Kentucky between 1845 and 1860.

Support Images:

LOUISVILLE” – “GLASS WORKS” SCROLL FLASK, (McK# GIX-6), light, bright yellow-green, iron pontil scar, quart, sheared and fire polished mouth. Blown at the Louisville Glass Works, Louisville, KY, C. 1855, a scarce flask in a very rare color. This beautiful glass works marked scroll flask is one of the very few known examples of the GIX-6 mold in a color other than aqua. The bottle exhibits brilliant glass, even coloring and the boldest possible mold impression. – Jeff & Holly Noordsy

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