GII-55 Eagle – Grapes Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

The GII – 55 Eagle – Grapes historical flask features a large embossed eagle facing left on the primary face of the flask. The wings are slightly raised. A shield on the breast contains both vertical and horizontal bars. There are three arrows or thunderbolts in the left talon and an olive branch in the right talon. Above the eagle are thirteen embossed five-pointed stars.

The reverse side of the flask has a large embossed bunch of grapes with a smaller bunch to the right. Above the grapes is a stem with two leaves. The side of the flask has fine vertical ribbing.

The quart flask has a plain lip and pontil mark.

Known colors are aqua which is common; light blue-green which is scarce; light green noted as comparatively scarce; clear medium green, yellow-green, dark green and blue-green are rated rare; and gold amber, clear dark amber, and red amber are considered very rare.

The glassworks is possibly Hammonton Glass Works in Winslow, New Jersey. It would have been produced from 1836 to 1847.

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