GXIV-6 Duck and “Traveler’s Companion” – Star and “Lockport Glass Works” Flask

Provenance: Anonymous

Our museum example of a pint Traveler’s Companion flask is remarkable for its name, balanced design, color, and manufacturing glassworks.

On what is considered the primary face of the flask you will see a large, centralized and stylized embossed duck with its neck and head turned to the right. The head is looking left over a wing. The embossed copy reading “TRAVELER’S” is in a convex arc over the duck with ends pointing down and the word “COMPANION” is in a concave arc below the duck with the ends pointed up.

The reverse side of the flask has an embossed eight-pointed star-like flower with a bead in the middle. It is centered like the duck on the opposite side. “LOCKPORT” is embossed in a convex arc above the flower with “GLASS” and “WORKS” is embossed and placed in two horizontal straight lines centered below the star.

The pint flask has either a round collar or a round collar with lower bevel just below the lip.

The base of the flask is smooth with a slight disk at the center with or without a pontil mark.

Known colors are aqua which is rare. Blue-green and yellow-green are considered very rare.

The flask was produced at the Lockport Glass Works. in Lockport, New York from 1860 to 1870.

Support Images:

Auction Lot 49: “Traveler’s / Companion” And Stylized Duck – “Lockport / Glass / Works” And Star Historical Flask, Lockport Glass Works, Lockport, New York, 1860-1870. Medium blue-green, applied round collared mouth – smooth base, pint; (minor exterior high point wear, 1/8 inch open bubble with 1/16 flat flake on reverse base edge). GXIV-6 Beautiful, bright color. Strong embossing. Norman C. Heckler & Company

Auction Lot 41: Duck And “Traveler’s / Companion” – Star And “Lockport / Glass / Works” Flask, Lockport Glass Works, Lockport, New York, 1860-1870. Brilliant yellowish-green, applied double collared mouth – smooth base, pint. GXIV-6 Here’s a real zinger with bold embossing, fantastic color and no wear. Fine condition. Timothy and Christine Hill collection. Norman C. Heckler & Company Auction #159.

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